Main help

Problem Collections

Problems are organized into collections of problems. Main many command "Problems" show list of collections in phone.

Depending on situation, symbols and comments may be shown below board or right to screen.

Problem downloading

It is possible to download problem collection from URL. Problem collection may one sgf file (having mutiple games), or multiple SGF files combined into one tar file, either of these optionally compressed using GZIP.
URL can be optionally stored in list of bookmarks for later recall.
Download can show simple HTML pages, and follow links in those.

In full-feature version (with file access), it is possible to access SGF files in file system. Problem collection may be one SGF file with many problems, or one directory with many SGF files. These can be added in collection list using command "Add File/Dir".
Note: In most phones you need to grant write access for GOWrite to files separately before starting GOWrite. Even after this user may be queried (several times) for permission to read and write when solving problems stored in file system.
GOWrite cannot access all files in many phones. This restriction depends Java implementation on phone. Typically GOWrite can access almost all files in memory card, if present, so simplest way is to put all needed files there.

Existing problem collections

Problems can be presented using any of the most common conventions:, Uligo or GoGod. If none of these conventions is detected in problem, all variations present are assumed to be correct.

Small demonstration problem collection is available.
Several reasonable good and freely downloadable collections are available: and
offer problems for download. GOWriteME understands these as they are, (except .zip files), but collection is too big for use in phones. So collection should be divided into several smaller pieces for download.
GoGod CD (commercial) contain very good set of (mostly dan-level) problems amoong other things. Please see GoGod site for details of cd.


Status indicators

Indicator is shown when correct solution has been reached.
Indicator is shown at the end of failure sequence.
Arrows indicate start , ongoing and end status of current sequence. idicates that no sequences are available.


Guessing move

Devices normal select button is used to guess next move.

Backing move

Last move can be backed from menu, or using back key (in most devices), or using normal key ('7' in Nokia phones).


Some of comment may be visible in screen. Full comment can be seen from menu, or using key ('9' in Nokia phones).

Showing solution

Showing solution allows one to browse full solution in similar way as variations in game. While browsing solution, solved indicator is shown as long as there is at least one continuation leading to solution.

Restart problem

This restarts solving the curent problem.

Board layout

GOWrite can use different layouts. These layout vary in board and comment sizes, and in other ways. Mode can be changed from keyboard, ('#' in Nokia phones).

Key Assigments

Solving board help has information on key mapping in actual device.

In Nokia devices, following keys are used.
LSK Menu MSK Try RSK Back move
1 2 (up) 3
4 (left) 5 (try) 6 (right)
7 Back move 8 (down) 9 Comments
* Edit Mode 0 # Screen layout
LSK = Left soft key
MSK = Medium soft key
RKS = Right soft key