GOWriteME is free GO SGF editor/game/problem viewer for phones and alike (Java MIDP2 devices). See feature list and Requirements for phone.
GOWriteME has support forum (posting needs registration).

Note: While GOWriteME is free, Operator offering data connection is likely to bill all data transfers made in connection with GOWriteME use. Please follow data transfers and their costs in order to ensure that you do not generate excessive costs.

GOWriteME Download

Two version of GOWrite exists:
MIDP2 version (jar file)
All-Features version (jar file )

MIDP2 version is good version for most of MIDP2 phones currently in market.
While I assume GOWrite works with majority of Java MIDP-2 phones, here I am listing specific devices known to work:

All-Features version is good only for quite recent phones, as it uses some recently standardized API's.
More specifically JSR-75 (File Connection) is used to access files.
Devices known to work with All-Features version:

Devices assumed to work with All-Features version: GOWriteME is regularly tested with Nokia devices, but I would like to test (or hear about testing) with other brands of devices also.

GOWriteME Help

This help contains short instructions.
Instructions are far from complete, so be prepared to do some experimenting...

GOWriteME license

Please see GOWriteME license.


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