Main help


Depending on situation, symbols and comments may be shown below board or right to screen.

Board Mode

GOWrite board can be in two different mode: Editing, or Browsing.
Mode is indicated by in screen (stone for editing, play button for browsing).

Editing mode

In editing mode arrow keys can be used to move in board. Selection key can be used to add new move, or select and drop a move. Mode indicator shows next move color to add(or).

Browsing mode

In browse mode arrow keys can be used to move in game. Right arrows goes to next move, and Left to previous. This shows first move for each variation.
Down arrow goes to variation (when there is one) and shows all moves in variation. Up arrow quits current variation (if any) immediately.
All variations are listed bottom of screen, nd current one is marked with rectangle. Variations starting with move are shown also in board.


Some of comment may be visible in screen. Full comments can be seen and edited using menu command and pressing specific key ('9' in Nokia phones).


Last node can be deleted using menu command and pressing specific key ('7' in Nokia phones).

Using pointing device (stylus)

Stylus can be used to add / move stones in board (if available). Menu button can be used to show editing menu with stulys.
More support will be added...

Board Layout

GOWrite can use different layouts. These layout vary in board and comment sizes, and in other ways. Mode can be changed from menu, or from keyboard, ('#' in Nokia phones).

Game download

It is possible to download SGF file from URL. URL can be optionally stored in list of bookmarks for later recall.


Games can be saved in GOWrite internal store. File name is automatically generated from game information.

In full-feature version (with file access), it is possible to access SGF files in file system. SGF files can be opened from fiel system, and games can be saved there.
Note: In most phones you need to grant write access for GOWrite to files separately before starting GOWrite. Even after this user may be queried for permission to read and write when loading and saving files.
GOWrite cannot access all files in many phones. This restriction depends Java implementation on phone. Typically GOWrite can access almost all files in memory card, if present, so simplest way is to put all files there.

Edit key Assigment

Board editing help has information on key mapping in actual device.

In Nokia devices, following keys are used:
LSK Menu MSK Add Move RSK
1 2 (up) 3
4 (left) 5 (add) 6 (right)
7 Delete 8 (down) 9 Comments
* Edit Mode 0 # Screen layout
LSK = Left soft key
MSK = Medium soft key
RKS = Right soft key